Courses and Events

The Australia Awards program in Timor-Leste develops and delivers courses and events that advance alumni’s professional development and showcase their research results. Our short courses also build English language skills for targeted groups so they are ready to apply for Australia Awards scholarships.

Women in Leadership Short Course

A request for quote to develop and deliver a new Women in Leadership short course is currently live. Course providers with an understanding of the working context for women in Timor-Leste are encouraged to apply. The organisation who wins the tender and is appointed will complete a training needs assessment with the course participants prior to designing the course content. The deadline for the submission of the tender is 25 October at 5pm Dili time. For further information please visit the Workforce Development Program Timor-Leste Website

English Language Training

Australia Awards Scholarships require candidates to have a high level of proficiency in Academic English and many jobs in Timor-Leste increasingly require English language skills. Our English language training short course provides public servants and people with disabilities with the opportunity to develop their English language speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Courses are delivered face to face and online and are held Monday to Friday during working hours. Typically a three hour a day commitment is required for the duration of the course which is held over a 3-4 month period. A total of 53 people with disabilities and…

Alumni Showcase

Our next showcase will feature masters' research from mana Elsa J. Araujo Pinto who studied her master of International Community Development at Victoria University in Melbourne. Her research will be presented on 19 November 2021, at Novo Turismo. There are currently more than 210 cooperatives in Timor-Leste. With over 47,000 members, cooperatives provide jobs and income for thousands of families across the country. To find out about some of the products cooperatives produce in Timor-Leste visit Alumni showcases are designed to inform the development of Timor-Leste through the presentation and discussion of research completed whilst studying in Australia. The…